INTEGIRLS Puzzle Hunt 3 - Adventure Awaits!

Postponed to 2022 Spring/Summer

What is a Puzzle Hunt?

A puzzle hunt is a competition to solve a series of puzzles. Each of our puzzles has an answer that's a word or short phrase, and your job is to figure out how to manipulate the puzzle to find that answer.

Some of the puzzles will be metapuzzles. Metapuzzles use the answers from previous puzzles to get to an answer (you’ll have to figure out how). Metapuzzles are designed to be solved without having all of the answers used in the puzzle.

For more information, we'd recommend watching to our Puzzle 101 Seminar or read this (extremely in-depth) introduction written by one of our testsolvers.

How difficult will this hunt be?

We designed this hunt to be accessible to teams that have never solved puzzles before, so we expect teams that spend time on the hunt to be able to solve some puzzles. That being said, the puzzles are supposed to be difficult, so teams may get stuck at points over the course of the hunt. That's a normal part of solving puzzles, and with the help of hints or plain perserverence, we think that teams will be able to work through that.

Who can participate in this hunt?

This hunt is open to girls and non-binary students affected by (trans)misogyny. People of all ages and locations are welcome to play this hunt; we hope the hunt will be easy enough for all ages while still providing some interesting moments for older or more experienced hunters.

What will happen after the hunt ends?

When the hunt ends, the leaderboard will freeze and all puzzles will become visible to all teams. We will start a section on our Discord server where teams can discuss individual puzzles and their solutions, as well as anything on their minds about the hunt as a whole. We will likely also host a Zoom Q&A / reflection about the hunt and may post a text wrap-up as well.

Once the hunt ends, everybody is welcome to solve the puzzles. Creating an account and registering for a team will not be required for solving puzzles after the hunt is finished. We will post solutions on the website soon after discussion has died down on Discord.


INTEGIRLS is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., USA, that is dedicated to bridgng the gender gap in competitive problem solving. Our mission is to spark community, teamwork, and a love for problem solving among girls and non-binary students affected by (trans)misogyny in order to increase representation in higher level math competitions as well as STEM industries as a whole. Our website is

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I have more questions!

Feel free to email us at During the hunt, you will also be able to contact us through the site's built-in chat function.